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Standard TS 863 came into force on 5 December 1971 lift, which is impossible to implement due to technical reasons there were substances. This is a serious problem until you came along, municipalities, in coordination with the Ministry of Industry Chambers of Engineers and the individual who had been studying, but on the company's top executives decide to establish an association of 01 Ağustos1972. As a result of the first meeting held on 5 October 1972, the association's name AYSAD (Lift and Escalator Industry Association) and the Banks Street Yanıkkapı Street Türkeli decided to become operational at Han.

First Operations
Ministry of Industry, at the end of 1972 at a meeting of the elevator industry, industrialists, public opinions regarding the minimum technical requirements are asked to transmit to the Ministry through our association. AYSAD, doing the necessary work prepared by the statute of the minimum requirements, so at that time has made our country a better quality of elevators and their maintenance.

From its inception, the association systematic studies, continued its activities in 1973, moved to Beyoglu Kadir Khan. In 1974, "Import Allocations in" AYSAD, by working with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the law led to the use sector, useful and fair manner. Istanbul Technical University in 1975 with a Mechanical and Electrical Engineers Chambers in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Bursa, Eskişehir branches in the provinces of explanatory and descriptive articles sent to the elevators, the flow of information is provided about the technical circles. 1978-79-80 social activities, as well as in association with particular emphasis on technical studies seeking to ensure that the fusion of the sector. AYSAD, during this period continued contacts with the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry has helped to prepare the import regime. In this way, the country has contributed to the protection of the interests of the manufacturer and the consumer.

After ten years
Aysad'ın first ten years of deprivation and Turkey's troubled reign coincided with a period. After 1982, the liberal rules begin to settle in the country's economy and the increase in the rate of growth, the impact on the demand for elevator, unskilled manufacturing in the face of increasing demand started to dominate the market. 1982-83-84 years, the sector has continued the significant educational activities. In this context, the essential qualifications for the manufacture of elevator insufficient efforts have been made to increase the quality of the companies. On the other hand, at the request of the Ministry of Public Works, hazırlanılmasına support for high-speed elevators are price lists of the specific unit.

Term Growth Association
On 11 November 1987, the association central Kadikoy Hasanpaşa 'or transferred, we have acquired the chance to work in a place more suitable. Actively in the activities of the association in 1988, continuing the association building, frequent meetings, members have sought solutions to the problems faced. As a result, the number of members of the association continued to grow rapidly. AYSAD in 1990, creating a problem with the TS 863 and 9 of Article 4 of them have submitted bids for the amendments of TSE has changed. On 9 April 1992 the signing ceremony between the TSE and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, AYSAD sector representatives called, and the challenges faced by the industry and the association to take this opportunity to reveal the solutions to be expressed. Social Insurance Institution, our society, S.S.K. Control engineers in choosing their own construction of elevators will be installed, assembly, storage, a seminar on the adoption of information claimed to be considered. AYSAD Taksim, in a conference room, Social Security members gave a seminar in this direction.
IFO Istanbul Fair Organization of the association in 1993 with great effort and a major international exhibition was held for the first time in our country. This shows a more grown every two years to the present day, was transformed into a worldwide event. TSE standards harmonization with European standards established technical team work are the opinions of the necessary studies have been carried AYSAD. At the end of 2002, the European Lift Association Associations (ELA) and you have applied for membership in February 2003 as an observer in 2008, has been admitted to membership in the noble. Republic of Turkey in 2003 Elevator Technical Committee created under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (ASTEK) has two principal members. Reported by participating in meetings of the sectoral issues ASTEK opinion. AYSAD in 2007 SEDEFED Federation of Industrial Associations, Association of Conformity Assessment in 2011 (UDDER) has become a member.