Aysad -


AYSAD association is established on to gather Elevator and Escalator Industry’s qualified entrepreneurs under one roof, in order to build a cooperation platform based on solidarity, to represent its members in national and international environments and to continue improvements according to Quality Policy ;

- to follow up legal regulations and quality development requirements of its members;
- to determine the new targets for adaptation to new developments and to ensure the availability of necessary resources;
- to make our targets effective and actual by interrogating all rules and methods of duty and being sure that all the activities meet Quality Management System’s currently requirements;
are adopted as our basic principle of Quality Policy.

AYSAD is aware that effectiveness of quality policy depends on whether it is understood and assumed by each AYSAD employees and members. For that reason, AYSAD members of board is responsible of providing necessary environment and its continual improvements.

On behalf of AYSAD members of board, I undertake to follow-up continuously all the activities to meet with quality system requirements and to improve the system according to changeable situation and conditions.

Sefa Targıt


AYSAD’s vision is to carry with a sustainable development approach to the future, its current status of being a non-governmental organization having activities beneficial for its members and the society while sticking to its basic principles as an association which:

• is composed of qualified entrepreneurs; embraces a wide spectrum of the related parties under its umbrella; and is representative of the Turkish Elevator and Escalator Industry;
• maintains cooperation and solidarity between its members;
• improves and contributes to the international relations of its members and the sector as a whole;
• provides pioneering and guiding solutions to the problems of the country and the industry;
• works for the recognition of utmost freedom to the manufacturer until its products put into the market, within the frame of scientific and technical rules; and maintains its cooperation with universities and other educational and training institutions in all fields;
• carries out local and international image-improving activities;
• performs industry-related activities in the name of Turkey in international platforms; and
• pioneers as a model for a Turkey which has completed its EU-harmonization process and minimized its bureaucracy.


As an organization bringing together the pioneering and innovative entrepreneurs of the Elevator and Escalator Industry on the basis of solidarity, and representing these entrepreneurs in national and international platforms; AYSAD provides its members with training, information, organization and strategy support.

AYSAD performs activities in order to ensure that elevators, escalators and their components are marketed more safely and with better quality. It cooperates with, gives information support to and participates to the activities of the Official Authorities within this framework. It assumes the required works required for informing the consumers and other non-governmental organizations about the developments in the laws and regulations.